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Which Ghostek Case Do You Need For Your Galaxy S21?

To start off, let’s list the amazing features the Ghostek Galaxy S21 (6.2 Inch) phone cases ALL have in common:


  • Military Grade Protection
  • Shockproof Protection
  • Slim Fit Design
  • Anti Slip Grip
  • AMOLED Display Protection
  • Camera Protection
  • Wireless Charging Compatible
  • Ultrasonic Fingerprint Compatible

Ghostek has a selection of Galaxy S21 (6.2 Inch) cases for different purposes and styles. This article is going to make picking a case for your Galaxy S21 very easy and fast.

Let’s start by mentioning these cases have Military Grade Protection, for those who drop their phones often or enjoy dropping their phone off the top of a building for fun (check out this cool video of someone doing a drop test - don’t try this at home...or do and send it over to us so we can post it!).

Military Grade Protection:
The Atomic Slim case is slim, and made out of strong protective aluminum that compliments the Galaxy S21’s contour-cut AL7s10 metal design. The protective design in the case has Military Grade R7x Shock Absorbing Technology. The max drop resistant height is 12 feet. The case was tested in a U.S Military standard environment to configure its durability. In the process, the case is dropped free fall from 18 to 48 inches several times.

Camera Protection:
The case has a raised bevel that protects the display and camera lenses on the Galaxy S21. So you don’t have to worry about damaging your phone every time you set it down, or if it falls out of your hand.

Colors and Styles:
The sleek and bold Ghostek Atomic Slim case for the Galaxy S21 comes in 6 different colors and 3 styles. The colors include phantom red, phantom black, phantom pink, phantom violet, prismatic and phantom silver. The carbon fiber or leather style is included with the phantom black colored case.

Another ultra thin case, and this one is clear and has extra scratch-resistant technology to sustain the best display on your Galaxy S21.

Military Grade Protection:
This case is Military Grade drop tested which means it is designed to sustain drops from up to 8 feet. It is also made up of shockproof material which means the case absorbs any shocks from falling and your phone doesn’t.

Camera Protection:
The case is designed with a rear bumper that protects the Galaxy S21’s ultra-wide and telephoto camera.

The casual and presentable Ghostek Covert Clear case for the Galaxy S21 is made of silicone and comes in 3 different colors which are all transparent: phantom clear, phantom pink and phantom smoke.

We are all executives because we all have the power to put plans and action into effect. Many people agree that it’s more accessible to have their credit/debit cards and some cash in their phone card holder. We almost always have our phones within arms reach (if it’s not already in our hands) and we always have our eyes on it. Plus it’s easier or faster to pull a card out of your phone card holder than digging into your pocket or purse for your wallet.

Military Grade Protection:
The Ghostek Exec Magnetic Wallet case also has military grade protection and shock absorbing bumpers tailored on each corner to provide heavy duty protection.

Camera Protection:
The case has a raised bevel that protects the display and camera lenses on the Galaxy S21. 

The Ghostek Exec Magnetic Wallet case has a detachable card holder which holds up to about 4 cards. The case comes in 3 colors; phantom black, phantom gray and phantom pink. 

So you don’t just get all of the protection and slim look that the other phone cases contain, but with the Ghostek Nautical Extreme Waterproof case, your phone is also waterproof and submersible up to 6 feet for an hour. When under water, your phone is fully functional! You can still use fingerprint and facial recognition. Not only does this case make your phone waterproof, but also dirtproof, dustproof, shockproof and snowproof.

Military Grade Protection:
Talk about extreme durability. This case is Military Grade tested, and can survive drops from up to 12 feet. If you happen to drop your phone at 12 feet or less, your screen and camera will be ok!  The Galaxy S21 phone case has a built in screen protector, and a lifted camera bumper. 

EXEC Series Attachment Accessory - SWIVEL BELT CLIP
The Ghostek Exec Swivel Belt Clip is perfect for those who like to easily access their phone at any moment. It is very convenient if you don’t carry a bag or don’t like putting your phone in your pocket. The clip has a 360 degree axis that allows you to turn your phone horizontal or vertical when clipped onto your belt. The clip also acts as a phone stand. 

EXEC Series Attachment Accessory - BIKE MOUNT 
The bike mount makes using your phone for directions while on a bike ride, real simple. Attach the mount to your bike, remove the EXEC wallet, and slide your phone into the mount. The mount is a clamp that securely attaches to the handlebars.
EXEC Series Attachment Accessory - ARMBAND
If you’re out on the go, on a run, walking a trail, hiking, or have your hands full, this attachment comes in handy. The phone attaches to the armband and the armband can adjust to the size of your arm. The armband is durable and comfortable. This Galaxy S21 armband is designed for sports exercises.

You have a gradient of colors and protection to choose from Ghostek’s Galaxy S21 phone cases and accessories. Capabilities like wireless charging, ultrasonic fingerprint and Face ID, comfort and durability are all included when your phone is protected by Ghostek.
Ghostek doesn’t just want your phone to be convenient or look sleek, bold, or professional, but they also want to protect your phone. With Military Grade, Anti-Slip Grip and Shockproof technology, your phone will be in great hands.

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