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Things to Consider While Designing a Phone Case

Interested in custom smartphone cases? If you were not aware, Ghostek cases deliver high-grade durable protection you can trust. They offer a wide range of mobile phone covers for Alcatel, Apple, Google, LG, Motorolla, and Samsung devices.

The fascinating process of designing custom-made phone cases does not have to be a mystery. The outline below details the reasoning behind why people choose to invest in mobile tech protective gear.

Tech-Savvy Crowd

Smartphone users with an inclination for technology typically invest in the best protection possible for their phones. For most, there are usually several factors to consider when shopping for their next case. Durability is available across the board, however, there are different kinds to think about.

Dependable & Waterproof

Samsung S10 cases, for instance, offer several types of sturdy covers for the S10 flagship smartphones. The Iron Armor series delivers 360-degree shielding and is available for the S10, S10e, and S10+. The case is built with a strong dual-layer polycarbonate frame.

The Iron Armor 2 meets military grade drop-test standards, withstanding falls from as a high as 2-meters. It includes a hybrid thermoplastic inner skin and a raised bezel for top-performing screen protection.

Ghostek waterproof cases are generally used as alternative premium safeguards. The Nautical series provides impressive water submersible protection in 20-foot depths for up to one hour.

Fashion Focused Groups

People who are more interested in fashion and style often go with an aesthetically pleasing choice for their smart devices. Although these covers are constructed for general protection, the main focus is on eye-catching features.

Bright Color & Shine

The iPhone XS cases are a prime example of people who enjoy glamorous and fun options. Ariel, for instance, is a popular flowing liquid glitter case with a stunning mermaid scale pattern. With a scratch resistant back and enhanced shock absorption, it would be a beautiful addition to your selections.

Additionally, the iPhone XR cases cater to the fashionista crowd with exquisite covers like the Agate. This series of cases features astounding glitter sparkle crystals within a flexible, transparent TPU material. Perfect for people looking to showcase their iPhone with a brilliant display of warm hues.

Functional & Practical

Smartphone users looking for basic covers are less concerned with looks and more focused on the overall cost. These folks most likely lean toward professional wallet cases or an ultra-thin clear case.

Ghostek Wallet Cases

The EXEC is a leather flip wallet case constructed with an auto-adjustable size pocket that utilizes powerful magnetic seals. The pocket features 4-way stretch fabric capable of carrying up to three times the cards. This would be the preference for those looking to rid themselves of bulky wallets/purses.

Transparent Choices

If you are in the market for something that won’t hinder your sleek phone, then the Covert line is worth a look. It’s built with enhanced drop protection, reinforced shock absorbing corners, and a non-slip grip. This is an admirable choice for the price as it combines practicality and durability.

Not sure what would be the right option for you? Ghostek designs and carries top-rated covers and cases that do not disappoint. Take a look at what people are saying before making your final decisions. Feel free to peruse the variety of products currently available.

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I Have A SafeLink Wireless Cell Phone Called a TCL A3 - June 4, 2022

Do u have a cover or one I could design to fit a SafeLink wireless cell phone called a TCL A3.

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